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Winter Tire Tips

Winter Tire Tips in Toronto, Canada

Ready for Winter?

Cozy fireplaces crackle in homes across the Greater Toronto Area during the winter months, but you can't stay inside all season. Eventually, you'll need to drive in below 0° temperatures, through intense snow storms, and over icy roads. Is your car prepared for winter?

Prepare for the Season with Winter Tires

Not everyone parks their car in a garage overnight. Many vehicles endure the frigid temperatures all season long. You can help prepare your car and tires for winter by reading the GDKtire Group's Winter Tire Tips for motorists in Canada (and anywhere with a seasonal shift to snow).

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Tips for Tires in Winter

Below are a few tips that can help increase the safety and handling of your vehicle in the winter months:

  • Check Your Tire Inflation Levels: Keep your tires at the right air pressure for optimal performance. Tires at the correct inflation levels provide the best traction, which is important in wet and icy conditions.
  • Swap Your Seasonal Tires: Install snow tires for the best performance in winter. Even if you use all-season tires, it's worth switching to snow tires for low temperatures. No single tire provides the best performance during the entire year because the materials that make one tire excel in freezing temperatures may conflict with materials that make another tire excel in high temperatures. Winter tires remain pliable in below 0° temperatures, providing superior grip.
  • Stay Alert: Drive defensively. Other vehicles on the road might not be as prepared for the winter, meaning they can slip and slide into your view. If you're on an unsalted road, drive particularly careful.

Winter Vehicle Tips

Winter Tire Tips in Toronto, Canada

The other parts of your vehicle can also benefit from your winterization efforts. Follow these tips to ensure you continue to drive with the performance you expect:

  • Change Your Oil: Use motor oil made for winter. Low temperatures thicken regular oil, which makes it a less effective lubricant. Ask for an oil with the right viscosity level for the season.
  • Check Your Antifreeze: In very low temperatures, pure antifreeze can even freeze. Try a 50-50 mix between coolant and water, which usually has a lower freezing point.
  • Replace Your Windshield Wipers: Many wiper blades wear out after 6 months. If you notice streaks on your windshield, buy a new pair before you're stuck in a snowstorm.
  • Inspect Your Battery: Car batteries don't take well to low temperatures. If your battery is three years or older, get an inspection to ensure it has enough power to get you through this year's winter.
  • Check Your Belts & Hoses: Give a courtesy inspection to your vehicle's belts and hoses; you don't want one of these giving you trouble as you drive, especially in less than ideal road conditions.
  • Keep a Safety Kit: Blankets, candles, matches, and emergency phone batteries are all useful in the event you end up on the roadside waiting for help.

Following these tips before something happens can save you frustration, time, and money in the future. Prepare your vehicle today.

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